Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 29th SRC meeting 4:30  Support Munoz-Marin parents in their struggle to defeat the plan to turn their school over to a charter company

May 17th, the 60th anniversary of the historic Brown decision, a national day of action.   PCAPS will rally at Bryant Elementary School, 61st and Cedar Ave. An election canvas will be followed by family and cultural activities in nearby Cobbs Creek Park


Primary Election Day:  PFT targetted schools

Anderson Elementary, 1034 S. 60th St

Northeast High School, 1601 Cottman Ave.

Longstreth Elem, 5700 Willows Avenue

Powell School, 301 N. 36th St.

Lincoln High School, 3201 Ryan Ave.

Jackson Elem, 1213 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Bethune, 3301 Old York Rd.

Willard, 1930 Elkhart St.

Wright, 2700 W. Dauphin

Marin Elementary, 3300 N. Third St.

Lingelbach, 6340 Wayne Ave.

Grover Washington, 201 E. Olney

Sullivan, 5300 Dittman

JB Kelly, 5116 Pulaski Ave.







2 Responses to Upcoming Events

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  2. Ellen Perry says:

    How about a Rally to save Head Start?

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