Community Schools Task Force


Wister plan 20160121155801

Cooke plan 20160121154539

Huey plan


PCAPS Community Schools Plan   The following documents outline what we believe community schools in Philadelphia need to be and how we can get there:

This represents our vision and  working principles in depth: Philly community schools12-16

Here is a one page, condensed, version:CS one-pager, docx

And here is our platform, the immediate steps we think need to be taken to implement a community schools program: CS Platform 1-1-16 final


Stop the Charter Takeover of Cooke, Huey and Wister Elementary, Community Schools Now!


FAQ on community schools as alternative to charter takeovers FAQ.10-20docx

Sign the Open Letter to the SRC:

2 pager on charter takeovers and community school alternative: leaflet10-22rev

What Parents Can Do: WHAT CAN YOU DO

Philadelphia needs community schools…schools with wrap around services, engaging instruction, positive behavior supports, and a real voice for parents, school staff and the community; schools that are fully funded and staffed with a full time nurse, counselors and a certified librarian; schools with art, music, computer technology and advanced placement classes; schools that respect the right of school employees to organize and bargain collectively. During the primary, democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney proposed making 25 neighborhood public schools into community schools. Sign the petition now to bring community schools to Philadelphia.

Can you join me and take action? Click here:


The Fight To Save The Kensington Community’s Vision For Quality Public Education


what are community schools

AROS one pager on community schools: AROS Community Schools Defintion

a new wave of evidence


annie e casey – closing the achievement gap – school community family connections_r10


benson, harkavy, johanek, puckett (2009) the enduring appeal of community schools

biag_castrechini (2014) redwood city community schools – the links between program participation and students’ outcomes

blank berg (2006) all together now – sharing responsibility for the whole child

bringle et all (2009) george washington community high school



2 Responses to Community Schools Task Force

  1. Dan Harvester says:

    I can’t make it because I work 9 to 5 but this is a great initiative and you have my full-fledged support.

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