Community Education Plan

Philadelphia Community Education Plan: Excellent Schools for All Children

Philadelphia Community Education Plan: Excellent Schools for All Children

Click on this link for a quick summary of the plan.

4 Responses to Community Education Plan

  1. Why would any political party frame and execute a strategy to .. as Rick Perry stated ” I get rid of The department Of Education “…..why wasn’t mentioned. Why are Governors like T. Corbett draining financial support from public schools without disclosing where he redirected the Federal Funds to .. and the other named project or classification the funding is now supporting ? As an elected trustee(s) to perform duties as named within your oath of office Gov. Corbett .. not to commit the intent to do harm to the citizenry to whom you are to service..your assault upon the public school system and the voting rights act and the funding to help senior citizens proves you have no intent to honor that oath and that your allegiance is assigned to some other purpose..and not the public sovereignty of Philadelphia county and others. We will not remove our children from our community public schools without the following safeguards: Enhanced safe corridors, NO LEASING OUT OUR CHILDREN TO LOW BID PRIVATE CONTRACTORS TO DO THE JOBS WE CAN DO OURSELVES, increased police staffing, replace the funding and resources that with it’s absence sabotaged our public schools here in Philadelphia to failure , smaller classroom sizes, the reinstatement of classroom aids and school nurses, the signing of a universal gun accountability law(s) with thumb print for both retailer and buyer and finally an increase in base hourly wages by $6.00 an hour . The NEGLECT Of Public School Children On Your Watch Is Not a Multi- Million Dollar Mishap Sir And It Will Not Be Tolerated Without Investigation, Accountability and Regulation !

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