What Every Parent Should Know About Great Oaks Charter

The following is a slightly edited leaflet produced by Parents United



Steve Klinsky                                        Michael Duffey

Michael Duffey and Steve Klinsky are the NYers behind Great Oaks who led the failed for-proft charter Victory Education Partners

Don’t be fooled.  Get the facts on who’s behind Great Oaks Charter.

Their managment team had a failed 8 year run in Philly.   Now they’re back for more.   Here are the facts:

They’re tied to a for profit company.

  • Great Oaks founders and board are tied to a for-profit charter company called Victory Education Partners.
  • In NYC Victory takes as much as $2100 per student in fees

They’re a “no excuses”charter with high rates of suspension and expulsion.   In NYC at one Victory school 118 third graders started in 2005.   Only 30 remained by 6th grade.

They have a track record of failure

  • Philadelphia: Victory ran for-profit schools from 2002-2010 until finally shut down for poor performance
  • Albany: Victory’s New Covenant Charter was shut down in 2010 for poor performance, high student and teacher turnover, and money problems
  • Long Island: State blocked Victory from opening a charter.
  • New York City: Victory’s charter schools placed in bottom 20% of all schools citywide

Its Board is out of touch  Private equity capitalists, speculators and real estate developers with little or no background in public ed make up their out of town board.  No low income or parents of color or community leaders serve on their board.




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