SIGN UP TODAY: Community Schools Ambassador Program

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The Community Schools Ambassador Program is designed for parents, students, community members, principals, teachers, and other school staff who are involved in district public schools.

Would you like your public school to offer more of the following?

  • Opportunities for challenging, culturally relevant and hands-on academic learning in and beyond the classroom that are available before, during and after school?
  • Positive discipline and behavior programs that promote healthier school climate and safety?
  • School based health and wellness services for students, families and community members?
  • GED programs, work placement, and career training programs?
  • School based resources that help families in need to access benefits for food, housing, childcare and utilities?
  • Supports for families of English Language Learners?
  • A place where young people, families and neighbors can connect and enjoy programs together beyond the school day and on weekends, and work together to build a stronger and healthier community?
  • A new staff position whose role is to coordinate these programs and services?


Would you like to be part of helping to design a Community Schools Model that works for your school and neighborhood?

You will leave the program with:

  • Surveying and planning tools and other Community Schools resources to help your school community to identify needs and actionable solutions and organizational partners, using the Community Schools framework.
  • Skills and tools to advocate for and promote your school, and the Community Schools model.
  • An expanded network of people who are committed to strengthening their public schools and communities.
  • A small budget, if needed, for hosting school community engagement events.

The pilot program will run from October 2015 to January 2016. We are asking participants to commit to a monthly 2-hour workshop as well as an additional 5-7 hours per month putting the workshop tools into practice with your community.


To sign up for the Community Schools Ambassador program fill out this short informational questionnaire online, by October 9th, 2015:

If you have questions or prefer to sign up by email or phone, please contact the Community Schools Task Force Co-Chairs, Rebekah Phillips: 215-913-7167, and Evette Jones

 We will follow up with you by October 14th.

 Questions & Answers

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Q: What is a community school?

A: Community Schools are public schools designed as neighborhood hubs for academic learning, enrichment, programs for families and communities that extend beyond the school day, and health and social services. You can learn more here: Coalition for Community Schools


Q: How does this affect my child’s academic development?

A: Community Schools promote academic excellence and build stronger neighborhoods. This model has improved student academic outcomes and re-investment in attending in urban schools across the country, including Cincinnati, Portland, New York City and Baltimore.

Community Schools also open their doors to partnerships that help students to embark on real-world projects, internships, and other learning opportunities outside the school building.

You can learn more here: Community Schools Research

Q: How will Community Schools help with staffing and funding issues in Philadelphia?

A: Though these partnerships will not solve the School District’s budget crisis, they will enable schools to do more with the little they have and to engage their surrounding communities in the development of meaningful solutions and a renewed vision for public education, while continuing to advocate for full funding for all public schools. Community Schools are meant to complement the work of existing staff, not to replace them or to add more responsibilities on top of their existing workload.

Q: Who is in charge of this program?

A: The Community Schools Task Force of the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools (PCAPS) is hosting the Ambassador program. The Task Force is a collaborative working group that is open to all interested parents, teachers and advocates for full-scale Community Schools in Philadelphia.

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One Response to SIGN UP TODAY: Community Schools Ambassador Program

  1. aliciadorsey2 says:

    i’m for community schools that are for the community, created with the community and are not aligned with common core standards, let’s stop all the data mining. please read Commoncore Diva one of my common core warrior friends, her blog keeps us ahead of the abuse with the education resource.

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