Come To City Council Budget Hearings This Wednesday


YUC students outside Kensington CAPA last year

Support Youth United for Change: Don’t Close Kensington Urban Education High,

Demand the Schools Our Families Need: Sustainable, Community Schools

Full, Fair Funding for Our Schools – Corporations and the rich need to pay their fair share

10 am, Wednesday, City Council chambers, 4th floor City Hall

Youth United for Change is fighting to prevent the closing of Kensington Urban High School, one of the four “small schools” the students won in a long fight over ten years ago. They are demanding instead of closing the school, it be transformed as a community schools that would retain the close student staff relationships in small schools, but add more supports and stronger community partnerships. Urban would be a pilot, leading to all the small Kensington schools becoming community schools.

YUC has been on the front lines of so many of the struggles for education justice. We need to support them now as they fight to defend an important past victory and as they take up the demand for community schools.

We also, as City Council turns to the budget, need to demand more school funding by targeting, not already overtaxed working people, but corporations and the rich. Specifically we need to end tax abatements for the likes of Comcast and condo developers, reform the use and occupancy tax to get back the tax windfall corporate landlords got under AVI, and create PILOTS so that mega non profits pay for schools and city services.

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