Charges dropped In Arrests At SRC Charter School Vote


Defendants and supporters celebrate following hearing

Four PCAPS members were charged with disorderly conduct for sitting down in front of the Commissioners and refusing to leave after they voted to approve five new charters last month. Kia Hinton and Wilma Frazier of ACTION United and retired teachers Ron Whitehorne and Diane Payne, along with supporters, showed up this morning at the Criminal Justice Center to go before a judge, having rejected the ARD program in which defendants pay a reduced fine, go to a half day session on the fine points of law enforcement and then have their arrest expunged. However in a rare moment of unaminity the prosecutor, the defense attorney Larry Krasner, the Judge and even the arresting officer all agreed the courts had better things to do then prosecute advocates for public education. The charges were dropped.

The defendants want to thank the people who wrote character letters on their behalf, the PCAPS supporters who came out in solidarity and Larry Krassner and his law firm for demonstrating, once again, you can beat the rap.

All the defendarnts vowed to continue fighting charter school expansion and for investment in neighborhood public schools.

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