As Schools Open, Resistance Must Continue!


Next week students return for another year at badly under resourced, under staffed, “bare bones” schools. Even if the stalled cigarette tax passes, our schools will be in no better shape, and, arguably, worse off than last year. And last year was the low point in the modern history of a troubled district that has never had enough. Furthermore, if additional money does not materialize, the District will make a new round of cuts that will drive class size to over 40 students and render our schools, in the judgment of Superintendent Hite, “empty shells.”

Given this, students, parents, school workers and all those with a stake in defending public education, need to take the offensive. We need to return to the streets as students return to schools. Our target will be the Governor and his allies who have orchestrated budget cuts for education while building new prisons and lavishing favors on big business.

Every day next week there will be a rally.

Monday, 9-8, 7:15 A.M., Benjamin Franklin High School, Broad and Spring Garden Sts.

Tuesday, 9-9, 7:15 A.M., Central High School, 1700 W. Olney Ave.

Wednesday, 9-10, 7:15 A.M. Creative and Performing Arts High School, 901 S. Broad St.

Thursday, 9-11, 3:15 P.M., Kensington CAPA, 1901 N. Front St. (co-sponsored by PPEHRC)  7:15A.M.,  Willard Elementary,

1930 E. Elkhart St.

Friday, 9-12, 4 P.M., Governor’s Office, 200 S. Broad St.

At the Friday rally a delegation will attempt to go to the Governor’s office to deliver an invitation for him to visit Philadelphia public schools. A flyer for the rally is available here.

Also next week on, Thursday, September 11, City Council returns to work and putting the referendum question on returning Philadelphia schools to local control on the ballot will be voted on. PCAPS will be joining with PA Working Families Organization at a 9 A.M. press conference outside City Hall and then going in to Council Chambers to urge passage.

Finally, we will be continuing our campaign to get voters to pledge to support candidates based on our five point education platform. Electing a Governor in November who will move on these issues is the most important task we face.

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One Response to As Schools Open, Resistance Must Continue!

  1. Joe K. says:

    ALL of these abuses are designed by the charter lie folks to kill the real Public Schools so the rich shot callers and their minions, can get richer off the backs of the poor. It won’t end until the people stop it and yes,…… any means necessary.

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