Two Education Voter Pledge Canvases Next Week!

Next week PCAPS will renew it’s campaign to get registered voters to sign an election pledge to vote for a Governor and other candidates this Fall who will stand up for full and fair funding, charter school accountability, ending the school to prison pipe line and returning our schools to local control. We wil also be building support for a big vote in November on the non binding referendum to abolish the SRC.

The first canvas will be on Monday, August 11th, at Serenity House
1209 W Lehigh Ave from 4:00pm to 7:00pm There will be a short training for volunteers and Pizza will be provided. The Maypop Collective for Climate and Economic Justice is co-sponsoring the canvas.

Then on Wednesday there will be another canvas in the Norris Square area hosted by Youth United for Change. A training will be held at the YUC office at 4:00. Besides the voter pledge we will be distributing a leaflet on the local control question and talking to voters about calling Council to make sure it goes on the ballot in November.

As the events of this turbulent budget season drive home, we need a change of direction in Harrisburg. Mobilzing a big education vote in Philadelphia and electing a Governor who supports our platform is the key to making it happen.Untitled 3

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