Local Control Ballot Question Hearing on Wednesday


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One Response to Local Control Ballot Question Hearing on Wednesday

  1. Donna D. Williams says:

    I agree that our children should be properly educated in the Philadelphia area, all the schools either traditional public, charter or catholic or religious schools. These are our legacy and first we need should take out the politics and bring back the teaching and resources that we have now to ensure that our children not only improve their reading/math skills, but keep the programs that we have(the programs funded by the Federal government, such as Title I, CAI program). This program that have been offered by the School District of Philadelphia to Non public schools such as the Catholic schools in our areas have shown outstanding achievements in the students who were once eligible. In fact, on a yearly basis, the state department(PA) review the performances, achievements, and resources of this program and graded it as outstanding. The students in which we served not only gained 1+ year (s) on their reading and/or math levels, but have improved on their Terra Nova standardized testing every spring and have reached surprising excellent grades on their final report cards. Our Kindergarten classes, who started at levels of 0.00 have reached the mid point levels of .50 in the second semester and gained 1 year at the closing of the program in June. So, it seems to me that the programs and funding given to Philadelphia for our children should be used wisely. Maybe if our politicians saw this, they couldn’t or wouldn’t refuse our children for nothing. Use the funds given to our children, not to fund monthly faculty meeting in which the faculty will be paid already(Tile II funds). If these programs proved to be useful in non public settings then maybe it should be use in the public settings as well.

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