Pay to Play with Tom and Vahan


Pictured here are Governor Tom Corbett and Charter School magnate Vahan Gureghian at  the Chester Community Charter School, founded and managed by Gureghain.   The school is the largest brick and mortar Charter in the state, enrolling half the children in the city of Chester.   Gureghain owns the buildings and his for profit managment company  runs the school.   In 2011 the charter was investigated for cheating by the state but, in spite of irregularities, no sanctions were issued.  Perhaps this is because Gureghian has contributed $332,714 to Corbett’s political campaigns.

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One Response to Pay to Play with Tom and Vahan

  1. larryshaeffer says:

    Vahan is building a 42,000sqft vacation getaway on the beach in W. Palm Beach to match his 42,000sqft Gladwyne home. About the beach house he said, he wanted to “make a statement.” All with $$$ from Chester (students/taxpayers), the poorest city in PA

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