Budget Cuts Unfair Says 7th Grader at Greenberg Elementary

Budget Cuts

by Rincy Roy
Do you want a better education? Well that is going to be difficult because Governor Corbett took away a lot of the schools’ funding. Now we do not have a good education because of the money we lost. There are a few reasons why the governor should give the money that he took away from the school districts back to them. The schools have lost their music and art teachers as well as librarians and counselors. With the funding gone students are at a loss and they should be given what they deserve.
First of all, the governor was not fair and did not take much money from the rich school districts, but cut a lot of funds from the poor districts. The current budget is expected to take from the poor communities. Governor Corbett took away $900 million in his first year as governor. Philadelphia, Chester, and Reading have the greatest need for a high quality education because they are the poorest school districts. As a result, those schools do not have enough money to be able to even get enough textbooks for students. What is worse is that lots of students do not have a music or art teacher because schools do not have money to pay for them.
Second, most schools do not have librarian, we as students cannot go into our libraries to ask a question. We cannot go into a school library and take out a book for two reasons, one is that there is not a library and the second reason is that there is not a librarian. Since we do not have a library, students or adults do not have a quiet place to study or read.
Therefore, since there is not a counselor, people cannot go into his/her office to ask a question. In October, the Daily News reported that a third-grade child who had become homeless could not receive help because there is not a counselor to offer services and support. Also, students had a hard time applying to high school because there are not counselors that could guide them through it.
As you can see, our schools need their money back. We need our money back because our schools do not have the money to pay for counselors and librarians. Philadelphia has lost more money than any of the other districts because we are the poorest. This is unfair; Governor Corbett should return the funded money to the schools’. Go to Governor Corbett’s office and protest for the education of the children because what they learn now affects all of our futures.

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