PCAPS To Launch Election Campaign for the Education Pennsylvania’s Children Deserve


On March 29th the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools will kick off a seven month campaign to make this year’s gubernatorial election about fully funded, quality schools for all children.   The heart of this effort will be getting 25,000 registered voters to sign a pledge to vote for candidates who are committed to the following five points:

1) Support a funding formula that will distribute state dollars based on student needs and the local district’s ability to pay.

2) Provide more revenue for education and human services by closing corporate tax loopholes, taxing natural gas production, and cancelling prison expansion.

3) Hold charter schools accountable and give local districts the power to monitor them.

4) Shutdown the school to prison pipeline. Replace harsh, zero tolerance polices that criminalize students or minor offenses with restorative justice.

5) Abolish the School Reform Commission and return our schools to Local Control.

We will be canvassing and tabling in neighborhoods throughout the city to sign up education voters.   We will continue to demonstrate and take direct action to press these demands.   And we will monitor the candidates as to where they stand on this platform.   Registering new voters and getting out a big education vote come election day will be part of our campaign.

The event on March 29th will be a kick off rally with speakers, a training for canvassers and then going door to door with the education voter pledge.

WHEN:   March 29th, 11a.m.

WHERE:  Media Mobilizing Project, 4233 Chestnut St.

PCAPS member organizations aim to turn out over a hundred volunteers for this first canvass.   Please join us.



The  PCAPS 5 point election platform is here: 5pt platform2

Email Us at Pcaps201@gmail.com or call 267 908 4201

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