Join us at Central High School to Make sure Corbett gets NO Credit!


Philadelphia public schools achieve DESPITE the governor!  We did it ourselves, no thanks to Gov. Tom Corbett!

 Gov. Tom Corbett’s draconian cuts to public education have robbed our children of vital programs and services. As a result of unprecedented state education budget cuts, students have had to do without sufficient number of nurses, counselors, school aides, librarians, teachers, supplies, and activities.

Now Governor Corbett is coming to Philly to highlight the successes of high-achieving schools.  But Corbett did nothing but make it harder for schools to successfully educate children.  Schools like Central do well despite the governor and his brutal cuts.  We did it without you!

 Join us this Friday, January 17, to highlight the achievements our city’s schools made without help from the governor.  And tell Gov. Corbett he can only take credit for HURTING our schools! Join parents, students, and activists to protest the governor and his cuts that have damaged our public schools!

 Don’t let Governor Corbett take credit for the hard work of Philadelphia’s educators and students!  We did it without you, governor!



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