Action at Senator Anthony Williams Office

Demand Senator Anthony Williams Reverse Himself on SB 1085

 We Want More Charter School Accountability, Not Less


Tom Corbett and Anthony Williams agree on less accountablity for charters

Senate Bill 1085 is a dagger aimed at the heart of neighborhood public schools.   It would effectively remove any controls local school districts have over the monitoring of charter schools and would further aggravate Philadelphia’s fiscal crisis.   The District could not cap charter school enrollment, the period for charter renewal would be doubled, and universities, rather than the district, could approve new charters without reference to the needs of the local district.   This represents a further shift toward privatizing education.

This bill is supported by the corporate school reform lobby but opposed by virtually all other education advocacy groups.   With the exception of Senator Williams, the whole city Democratic caucus is against it.

Senator Williams wants to by Mayor of Philadelphia.   But he is leading the fight to dismantle our public schools.   Is this acceptable?

Join us at his office.   A delegation will meet with him and the rest of us will demonstrate outside.

Where: 2901 Island Ave, Suite 100

When:  Monday, December 16th,  3:30pm

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