Full Funding Friday #7

The Full Funding Friday Campaign keeps rolling along.

Here are the schools where rallies are planned for this Friday. We really appreciate all the people who have volunteered to come out and join with school staff, parents and students. Please let me know if you can help and what school you can go to. As before, we will have flyers and other materials on hand. Times will be 7:45 am for elementary schools, 7:15 am for high schools.
Blankenberg, 4600 W. Girard Ave.
Carnell Elementary, 1100 Devereaux Ave.
Carver High School, 1600 W Norris St
Conwell Middle, 1849 E. Clearfield St.
J. Hampton Moore Elementary, 6900 Summerdale Ave.
Morton Elementary, 2501 S. 63rd St.
Pennypacker Elementary, 1858 E. Washington Ln.

Also Cook-Wissahickon Elementary, 201 E. Salaignac St. at 8:15 am

Also we are starting to reach out to people we have identified from petitioning and canvassing as potential education activists and leaders. Be sure to make sure we get the names and contact information of people who are responsive at these rallies. We will be scheduling a phone bank to contact people in our data base, urging them to get involved. More information on this will be forthcoming.

Cook-Wissahickon Elementary, 201 E. Salaignac St.

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