Statement on the Resignation of Pedro Ramos


The Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools wishes Pedro Ramos and his family the best as he resigns his position as School Reform Commission Chairman. In light of this news, we call on Governor Corbett to appoint a replacement that will support fully funded Philadelphia schools.

The SRC is the unelected body that governs the Philadelphia School District and is largely controlled by the governor. It has been responsible for passing the Philadelphia schools “doomsday” budget closing schools, cutting staff, and ending programs. It has voted to unilaterally weaken teacher seniority rules. We urge Governor Corbett to replace Ramos with a chair fully dedicated to improving and supporting Philadelphia schools, not decimating them. The governor should appoint a chair that will stand with students, parents, teachers, school staff, and the people of the city instead of starving our schools and scapegoating our teachers. Students, parents and teachers in Philadelphia want Philadelphia schools to be fully funded, with teachers and staff paid what they deserve. A leader of any school district – but especially Philadelphia – should stand with teachers who give their lives to educating our children.

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2 Responses to Statement on the Resignation of Pedro Ramos

  1. Jonathan Leibovic says:

    Does anyone have a suggestion of who would be the best person for the job?

  2. Vanessa Miller says:

    Name The Replacement PCAPS !!!!!

    I Don’t Trust Corbett To Do Right By Our Children.

    He’s Already Proved His Position On That Issue.

    He Wants Our Children Are To Go To Prison !!!

    Name Who We Want To Fill That Seat !!!


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