Full Funding Friday #6

schoolbusaiWe won a victory today with Governor Corbett’s announcement that the 45 million dollars that he has been holding back will now be released with no strings attached.But, while this additional money will help alleviate some of the terrible conditions in our schools, it will not begin to bring about changes on the scale that we all know is necessary.   So let’s keep up the heat.

Here are the schools where rallies are planned for this Friday.   We really appreciate all the people who have volunteered to come out and join with school staff, parents and students.   Join us if you can.   As before, we will have flyers and other materials on hand.  Times will be 7:45 am for elementary schools, 7:15 am for high schools.

Ben Franklin High School 550 N. Broad St.

Frankford High 5000 Oxford Ave.

Heston Elementary 1621 N. 54th St.

Hill-Freedman Middle School 6200 Crittenden St.

Sheppard Elementary Howard and Cambria Sts.

Spruance Elementary 6401 Horrocks St.

Fell Elementary, 900 W. Oregon Ave.

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