Two People Who Need a Talking To This Monday

Last Thursday we unwelcomed Tom Corbett when he rode into Drexel to dedicate a new school of business. His office put out a media advisory that he’s coming to join Urban Outfitters this Monday to unveil a new project at the Navy Yard. But after we decided to greet him in our customary fashion, they switched up and now are sayning the Lt. Governor will pinch hit. Maybe Tom got cold feet. No matter. We will be on hand to make the point that Philadelphians hold his administration responsible for the crisis in our schools. We call on people to join us in fighting back against the class warfare policies that Corbett and his allies are imposing on people across our state.

We will gather at 8:30 a.m., 12th and Market Sts.


Also Tomorrow, Superintendent William Hite will be speaking on a panel at NBC’s Education Nation. The panel’s title is “What It Takes: Keeping Up With the Competition.” It’ll be about K-12 education and international competition.

Let’s bombard the Education Nation with tweets about Hite, about the state of Philly schools, about standing with teachers and students.  Kate Graham of AFT will be live tweeting on the scene so feel free to retweet.

Things to remember
– Date/Time: Monday, October 7 at 8:35a – 9:00a
– Hashtags: #EducationNation and #phillyeducation
– Theme: What It Takes
– Hite’s handle: @SDPHite


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