Community Members Speak Out for Olney Teachers at ASPIRA Board

Community Members Speak up at ASPIRA Board meeting 9.17

Community members ask questions But ASPIRA Board has no answers.

ASPIRA is an organization with a proud record of speaking out for human rights and equality for oppressed people.   But, since becoming a major charter school provider with a growing portfolio of real estate, not so much, at least when it comes to the teachers who work at ASPIRA’s Olney charter school.

The teachers wanted to come to the Board meeting to press their demand that ASPIRA recognize their right to organize free from coercion, but management scheduled a parents night open house at the same time.

Upwards of 20 community members and supporters showed up instead, expressing solidarity with the teachers and raising concerns about the administraton spending our tax payers dollars on hiring lawyers to keep the union out.  Speakers also wanted answers  about recent revelations that raise questions about the financial management of the burgeoning charter empire launched by ASPIRA.

Board members allowed comment but refused to answer the many questions community members put to the Board.   Apparently they don’t think they owe the public any answers for how they spend it’s money.PCAPs member speaks up at ASPIRA Board meeting 9.17PCAPS coordinator Jihad Seifullah addresses board

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5 Responses to Community Members Speak Out for Olney Teachers at ASPIRA Board

  1. Ricardo says:

    Perhaps the questions should come after these folks do their homework. The audit is public record. If they had read the whole thing they would have found what I found. The audit had no findings and that is rare.

  2. John Young says:

    Reblogged this on Transparent Christina.

  3. ASPIRA Employee says:

    You should fact check before you write articles full of misinformation. Review the audit. You will find the manipulation of the $3.3 million line item wasn’t of merit. You would know that ASPIRA worked hard to bring in over $8.5 million in additional funding to the school budget through grants, corporate, foundation, and philanthropist support to improve the conditions for BOTH staff and students. It should be understood that money toward the learning environment is a worthy cause of start-up funds and learning environment improvements are a core reason for Olney’s drastic increase in proficiency rates since ASPIRA took over the school. Olney did not renew contracts of teachers who failed to earn their appropriate certifications, which puts the school in jeopardy of losing its federal Title funding…so those decisions were because ASPIRA is looking out for the BEST INTEREST of the school’s future, for both students and staff. You would know that no one has officially filed a petition to unionize. You would know that ASPIRA is in discussions with the National Labor Relations Board. You would know that several school employees have reported being coerced and pressured by the union, NOT by ASPIRA. You would know that ASPIRA hasn’t been found guilty of ANYTHING and their actual hearing on this matter is on October 15th. You would know that ASPIRA has ALWAYS said they would recognize the majority at Olney, of which the union hasn’t proved to be. You would know that the union is sitting on a $71 million surplus….which doesn’t seem to be going to help the causes it claims to fight for. You would know that the head of the union makes a salary of over $400,000. As an employee of ASPIRA that knows the truth, I am frustrated that my organization is not addressing these lies and misinformation, but I highly respect that their focus remains on educating our students, which always has and will be the priority. Shame on you for writing ANYTHING about this issue without representing this side of the issue in an unbiased manner.

  4. Love ASPIRA says:

    Community members? Are you sure? Many of the people fighting this fight for the union are paid union members and are outsiders to the Olney community.

  5. Good Teacher says:

    I can’t figure out why the teachers want to unionize. Can someone explain? I got “we want a seat at the table” and a couple of blank stares when I posed the question. I am confused. A seat at the table? We get included in everything, like it or not. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so included. I just want to teach kids. When I want a seat at the table, I will go get my admin certificate and go for it.

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