Funding Task Force Postphoned – Show Solidarity with Olney Teachers


We have decided to postphone the PCAPS funding task force meeting scheduled for tomorrow night for one week because of the ASPIRA board meeting and our desire to show solidarity with the struggle of Olney teachers to organize.  The task force will meet next Tuesday at 5pm at YUC, Front and Berks.   Stay tuned for more information about Full Funding Friday and upcoming campaigns.


Meanwhile….The ASPIRA’s board meeting is this coming Tuesday, September 17th — the exact same evening staff have to attend a mandatory “Back to School” night. That timing is a little too convenient: scheduling the board meeting on a night when teachers are NOT ALLOWED to come. So it’s more important than ever to have supportive community members come out and raise their voices in support of the teachers. Can you make it?


ASPIRA Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 17th at 6pm

4322 North 5th St


Join us in standing up for the ASPIRA teachers, staff and parents who have been excluded from this meeting and conversation. We will be attending ASPIRA’s board meeting and speaking up in the public comments section in the spirit of workers’ rights, charter accountability, fairness and a voice.


Please RSVP to either of us, or directly to AFT Organizer Mandy Hood at

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