Full Funding Fridays Kicks off at Moffet School

Tomorrow PCAPS kicks of our “Full Funding Friday” campaign.   Each Friday we will hold events at schools, engage elected officials and otherwise seek to draw attention to the under funding of our schools and the need for real solutions.   We will urge people to wear the yellow school bus “fund our schools” sticker or button and use this graphic as their facebook or twitter profile for the day.

Our school this Friday is Moffet elementary in Kensington where parents and the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, joined by others in PCAPS,  will hold an event.


Moffet is a school in Kensington that serves a low income, pre-dominantly Latino community.    The bilingual office staff is gone because of the budget cuts and lay-offs.   Parents on the opening day of school were frustrated because of a lack of direction about where to go and what to do to get their children into classrooms.  Several dozen complained that they would be late for work because of the confusion.   Many doubt that a stretched thin staff can meet the needs of their children

Besides wearing buttons and stickers we urge supporters to call and tweet the Mayor with the message:   “50 million’s not enough, charity is no substitute for full funding.”  Use the hashtag #fullfairfunding.

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2 Responses to Full Funding Fridays Kicks off at Moffet School

  1. Mary L. Aull says:

    Keep Up the Good Work

  2. Ileana says:

    Know any bilingual or spanish speaking parents upset or the laid off bilingual staff that would be willing to talk about it?
    EMAIL ME: idiaz@cbs3.com

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