8.22.13 March for #fullfairfunding Media Roundup

PCAPS would like to thank the THOUSANDS of Philadelphia education supporters who filled the streets yesterday to demand FULL FAIR FUNDING for Philadelphia’s schools. The march was a powerful demonstration of unity and power in our fight to restore our children’s access to excellent schools.  Center City was a sea of red, and we took over the streets, the SRC meeting, the media and the twitter sphere. The heat is on Governor Corbett, Mayor Nutter, Dr. Hite, the SRC, and Comcast’s David Cohen to stop conspiring to systematically starve our public schools of money so they can blame teachers and other school workers for THEIR MESS!

Rather than sharing all the links on Facebook to earned media cover yesterday, we are posting links to the local and national media coverage we received below for easy access.

Again thanks for coming out yesterday and stay tuned for more ways to raise your voice and show our power.

Media Links:

aug 22 protestor


1,000 Rally to Demand More Money for Philly Schools [Philly.com]

VIDEO: Protesters Fill Center City Streets for Philly Schools  [Philly.com]

District Budget Cuts Protested at Rally, SRC Meeting [Philly.com]

PHOTOS: Citizens Take to the Streets to Demand Schools Funding [PhillyMag.com]

Protesters Demand More Money for Philly Schools [NBC10]

Hundreds March through Center City in Protest of Philadelphia Schools District [ABC6]

aug 22 whyy

Hundreds of Philly Teachers Rally for More School District Funding [WHYY]

Philly Teachers: We won’t stop until we get fair schools funding [WHYY-Newsworks]




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