Help lift our voice – join the Fast for Safe Schools on Tuesday!



Nearly a week ago, a group of parents and school staff began a no food, no juice fast to call attention to the dire situation facing Philly’s schools.  (You can follow developments in the fast by liking the Facebook page here.)


The next week is a critical for all of us. On Tuesday, many of us, including the fasters, will travel to Harrisburg to bring our message directly to state officials.  The parents and school staff who have fasted for days have called for allies to join the fast in solidarity on Tuesday, June 25.


Your support for the fast has been critical so far, and we know from local news to national headlines, we are all pumping up the volume on the call for our elected leaders to prioritize Philly’s school children.


The parents and public school workers who have gone without food for nearly a week are nourished by the knowledge that their sacrifice will have a lasting impact on the city they love, and by the love that you have shown them.


Their voice – all of our voices — will be strengthened if you join them by pledging to fast in solidarity on Tuesday. You can fast from home, but we ask that you let the world know by sharing your action by doing the following:


1)     Click here to go to our facebook page and ‘like’ us. Then, simply post on our page to let us know you’ve committed to the solidarity fast.


2)     If you are in Harrisburg, find the fasters and let them know you are fasting too.  We’ll give you a sticker or armband so all of the politicians can see the widespread support and sacrifice.


3)     If you can’t fast on Tuesday, we ask that you share a simple note of support – say that you stand with the Philly fasters.


4)     Finally, (this part is important) don’t forget to type the hashtag #phillyfast in your social media posts – that way everyone who has followed our campaign will see that you’re taking action.


The coming days are critical to our campaign. Pennsylvania’s political leaders need to know that we are all sticking together.


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