Hunger Strikers Lead Resistance to Doomsday Budget


Our schools face the deepest crisis in the modern history of this city.   Schools budgets have been cut to the bone and, unless there is a major infusion of revenue, will open in the fall without enough staff to insure student safety, let alone an environment that nurtures learning.   Meanwhile our elected officials, with a few exceptions, look to attacking the living standards, working conditions and the very jobs of the District’s work force as the main way to close the budget deficit.   Banks, corporations, and the richest among us get a pass while working people are called to sacrifice.

Parents, students, educators and school workers, along with ordinary citizens are fighting  back for full, fair funding and the schools our children deserve.   Right now that fight is being led by four people who have decided that these exteme measures demand an extreme response.   Beginnning this week, they are fasting, demanding that the District rescind the layoffs of 1200 members of UNITE HERE who work in schools to keep children safe.

PCAPS fully supports the hunger strikers and calls on people to rally in solidarity with them.   Below is the schedule of events for the coming week which we will update moving forward.   Also links to the extensive press coverage of this action.

Thursday, June 20th:

10AM:  Fasters testify at City Council

330PM: Local 634 rallies in support of fasters

Friday, June 21st:

330PM: Anti-bullying press conference with Equality PA, Asian-Americans United, Action United parents, and a safety staff

6PM (tentative): Street theater with students from UPenn.

Saturday, June 22nd:

2PM: Solidarity rally with allied community organizations. All are invited

All Day: Children and Family da

Philadelphia Inquirer, “Fasting to call attention to city
schools’ plight”

NBC 10 “Protesters Go on Hunger Strike for Philly Schools”

Lots lots more press links below — almost every
Philadelphia outlet covered, as did the Associated Press,
which means it ran on local news sites all around the
country, and an MSNBC blog.

More Press Coverage:

Associated Press, “4 refuse food until Philly school aides

CBS 3, “Hunger Strike In Protest Of School District Budget

WHYY, “Four vow not to eat until 1,200 Philly school jobs

MSNBC Blog “Hunger strike against school closures begins
in Philadelphia”

Philadelphia Public School Notebook, “Hunger strikers
protest school aide layoffs”

ThinkProgress, “Parents Go On Hunger Strike To Protest
School Budget Cuts”

Philadelphia Weekly, “Hunger strike against school cuts
begins on Broad Street”

Philadelphia Inquirer blog, “Bad to the bone”

Media Mobilizing Project, “Breaking News: School lunchtime
workers and parents going without food”

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