Day of Action at Schools, Council Chambers and the Streets

PCAPS was out in force today.   PFT members had informational pickets in the morning at their schools.   PCAPS members went to Council to demonstrate and testify in favor of the Use and Occupancy Reform bill sponsored by Maria Quinones Sanchez which takes away the tax breaks for big corporate landlords under AVI while offering protection to small businesses, a measure that will raise money for our schools.   And thousands of students, responding to a call for a walkout by Philadelphia Student Union, Youth United for Change and other student groups,  marched on the School District and City Hall.   PCAPS also helped organize marshalls for the event.

The clear message in all these actions is we will not tolerate further cuts to schools that are on life support.    Nor is it is acceptable to solve the budget crisis on the backs of teachers and working people while big business reaps tax cuts from the City.

The U & O reform bill was voted out of committee which means Council will vote on it.   With major opposition from the Chamber of Commerce and its allies and the Mayor focused on regressive sin taxes, we will need to continue to press for the passage of this bill along with the rest of our platform.


PFT members at Greenfield Elementary


Students approach City Hall


In City Council sign  targets winners and losers with AVI

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