Who Profits? Who Pays?

The ten biggest corporate property owners will realize tax savings of over 16 million dollars next year thanks to AVI.   Meanwhile school children will go to schools on life support.

Here are some big winners.

Franklin Mills Associates: Property  has market value of 180 million dollars, will pay 3,446,496 dollars less in property taxes next year


1650 Market St. owned by Phila. Liberty Place, market value: $207,713,500, will realize a tax savings of $2,797,936 thanks to AVI next year

one liberty place

Nine Penn Center Associates, Market value: $232,575,800

Tax Savings next year $2,465,338


Meanwhile the biggest losers: Philadelphia Schools, Budget next year slashed by 40%


And Philadelphia Teachers and support staff who next year are being asked for 133 million dollars in wage and benefit concessions.


Things are upside down and we need to set them right.   Come to City Council on Friday at 9:30 to demand corporate landlords pay their fair share to fund our schools.   And support our students when they walkout to protest this doomsday budget on the same day.


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