Come out to the Curriculum Fair and Citywide Summit

Join with teachers and community members to address the crisis in public education.   PCAPS leaders will be helping facilitate the afternoon breakout groups.


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One Response to Come out to the Curriculum Fair and Citywide Summit

  1. Vanessa Miller says:

    I hope myths are dismantled and the introduction and engagement of correct information is given in book like fashion .. beginning, middle and end form .. Leaving nothing dangling in the wind unfinished .. No faking the game .. No cronyism unless to expose it’s presence and how it’s to be challenged .. No passive aggressive displays .. out of respect if you do not know send the student to someone that does .. I really do hope these considerations are already built into the core purpose in having this event .. To empower the student to defend, protect and correctly challenge the methodology of oppression and the meaning of undue burden .. The delivery of life skills acquired through public education and it’s theoretical or practical understanding of a subject based upon facts and quality information .. Learning is an natural resource it should never be infringed upon .. by politics and politicians acting against the public’s benefit .. which includes each and every child on their watch .. Q&A : If the structure of the school building is safe .. why evacuate ? .. Isn’t what’s being taught .. inside and to the schools and the absense of funding the issue ? .. So why the evacuattons ? .. Why is money being taken out of public schools in suport of charter schools knowing public schools can’t afford it ? If the money is to follow the child and the child and the childs family wants to stay at their current public school .. why the evacuations ? .. According to FBI Special Agent Patrick Bohrer .. hen asked where do you find public corruption ? .. He answered .. Just about everywhere—at the federal, state, and local levels througout the country..see FBI Public Corrption Press Room 03/26/10 .. We advocate for our children and must challenge those who won’t .

    Thank you
    Ms. Vanessa Miller

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