SRC 19 Vows to Continue the Fight

Nineteen people including AFT President Randi Weingarten had a hearing at the Criminal Justice center yesterday.   Sixteen decided to reject the offered diversion program and go to trial, now scheduled for May 2nd.   Explaining the decision,  retired teacher Ron Whitehorne said, “It is the SRC and those who appointed them who should be on trial for closing our schools, cutting back on the programs and services our students and families need, and trying to solve the budget crisis on the backs of school workers, some of whom are living in or close to poverty.”   In a press conference following the hearing Weingarten, Juntos Director Erika Almiron and Philadelhia Student Union leader Azeem Hill condemned the SRC for decisions that will leave already struggling students and families in even more difficult circumstances.

SRC 19 and supporters following their release on March 7rth for standing in the doorway to prevent the SRC from closing schools.


photo 1-3

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