PCAPS in the News: ‘We’re not giving up,’ foes of Philly school closings say”


by Kristen Graham, Philadelphia Inquirer

Yes, the School Reform Commission has already voted to shut 23 Philadelphia public schools. But the pressure to halt those actions will continue, activists said Thursday.

“We’re not giving up the fight against school closings,” said retired teacher Ron Whitehorne, fresh off a court appearance on disorderly conduct charges lodged against him and 18 others – including national teachers union president Randi Weingarten – on March 7, the day of the closure votes.

Weingarten, who with the rest of the group is set for trial in May, said the large-scale closings were part of a larger plan for the Philadelphia School District.

“It is clear to us that this massive plan to close schools has nothing to do with the education of the children of Philadelphia,” Weingarten said. That plan, she said, is to further weaken and ultimately undermine public education.

She led the 19 in a march to City Hall, where they presented an anti-closing petition with thousands of signatures to representatives of Mayor Nutter’s office. The mayor is out of town.

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One Response to PCAPS in the News: ‘We’re not giving up,’ foes of Philly school closings say”

  1. Tracey Winters (@ILHandy2) says:

    Before long we will all be home schooling our children!

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