Boston Consulting Group Not Welcome Here

    • Boston Consulting Group is coming to Penn to recruit.   Join Penn Students, public school students, parents,  teachers, and community members in sending the BCG a message that we don’t want them here.

      Wednesday,  March 20th at 5:30 pm,

      In front of Houston Hall, The Perelman Quadrangle

      The Boston Consulting Group, a global management and business strategy consulting firm, was paid $2.7 million by the Philadelphia School District to draft a plan for public education in the face of budget deficits. The plan they created was to shut down dozens of schools, dismantle teachers unions, and privatize education by investing heavily in charter schools. 

      Two weeks ago the School Reform Commission adopted BCG’s plan despite a large public outcry, and closed 23 schools – one of the biggest school closings in U.S. history. Groups including Philadelphia Student Union, Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools, and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers all protested the cuts, but BCG’s plan went into affect. BCG has also advanced the dismantling and corporate takeover of schools in cities like Chicago and New Orleans. 

      On Wednesday BCG is conducting a workshop at Penn to recruit students to work for them. Penn Student Labor Action Project believes that since they decided to shut down our schools it’s only fair to shut down their meeting.

      Who should make decisions about Philadelphia’s schools and jobs? What should be Penn’s role in supporting or undermining public education? How will students and teachers be affected by these closings? How else could we cut spending or raise money to provide quality public education for all children and youth in Philadelphia?

      We’re inviting students whose schools are set to be closed to come talk about how this decision will impact their lives. Teachers and parents will talk about BCG’s plan and discuss their alternative proposals. Penn students and faculty will discuss the university’s role in supporting companies like BCG, and explore how our school could be more accountable to the Penn community and the rest of Philadelphia. 

      The BCG had their voice heard. Now lets make ours heard.

      Speak out!

      PS> If you want to help make banners and signs, please meet at 5:00 in the corner of the cafeteria in the basement of Houston, by Einstein Bagels.

Go to Facebook event page to Join

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