PCAPS in the News: Jim Kenny Supports Community Schools

Invest in community schools plan

03/14/2013 , Philadelphia Inquirer

By Jim Kenney

Any number of us may disagree with new schools Superintendent William R. Hite Jr.’s closure of 23 schools, as well as his proposals to cut programs, increase class sizes, and reduce teachers’ salaries. But none of us should question his sincerity in pushing the envelope to generate new ideas and debate how best to solve the Philadelphia School District’s financial crisis – without harming the quality of our children’s education.

We all recognize that the district is at a critical financial crossroads, confronting a projected five-year deficit estimated at $1 billion. The need for inspiration and creative thinking has never been greater.

So far, the financial crisis has generated a number of innovative ideas, proposals that offer unique opportunities for serious change and progress. One such idea, being pushed by the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools (PCAPS), is the creation of community schools.

Read entire article here

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