Eyes on Philadelphia: Media Coverage of SRC School Closing Vote and Protest

Thanks to all for the organizing, the fighting spirit and passion that made our action last night the largest of its kind in recent history.   The amazing leadership shown by our youth, the strong support from parents, unions and the community and the forging a strong labor community coalition are the fruits of our efforts over the last year.  We did not win a moratorium.   We did demonstrate the SRC is a body with little in the way of legitimacy and popular support.   We did lay a foundation for continuing the fight on many fronts….community schools as an alternative to closings, a fair contract for our teachers and a committment from Harrisburg and City Hall to fund education and invest in quality schools.

The struggle to defend public education in Philadelphia is becoming a national news story.   Here are links to last night’s SRC vote and protests.photo 3-3










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