Council Votes For Resolution for a One Year Moratorium on School Closings

By a 14 to 2 margin City Council today voted to adopt a resolution endorsing our call for a   one year moratorium on school closings.   Here is the text of the PCAPS statement on the action:

PCAPS’ Statement Praising City Council’s Call For a Moratorium on School Closings 

The Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools (PCAPS) applauds City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell and her colleagues for supporting today’s resolution calling for a moratorium on school closings.

Superintendent Hite and his team have embarked on a well-intentioned but premature effort to justify the drastic action of shuttering 37 schools without embarking on a comprehensive community impact study.  Furthermore, research has shown that school closures often fail to bring about projected revenue savings and do not help improve student achievement in the long run.

Given these realities, the most prudent step moving forward is to halt all school closings and instead collaborate with public officials, non-profits, hospitals, universities, the business community and others to examine the community impact of these closings and seek out innovative alternatives that will truly enrich the lives of Philadelphia students and their families.

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One Response to Council Votes For Resolution for a One Year Moratorium on School Closings

  1. Margaret Edwards says:

    It would hurt my neighborhood in South Philadelphia, if Vare Elementary was closed. It is a great school, great location, enrollment is up, they make AP every year, so many families depend on this school and all this state can do is cut, cut and cut from our schools budgets. I hope all who voted for that a$$hat Governor Corbett, is happy right about now….

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