Another Busy Week PCAPS Needs You!

Hi everyone,

We have another busy week ahead. We are only listing some of the many activities going on to stop the school closures.  For updated information go to the PCAPS calendar here.  We have been successful at getting people to pass out flyers and sign up interested people at the District meetings last week so here is this week’s schedule:


We meet at 5:30-5:45 at the designated High School to pass out flyers. We will get flyers to you and pick up PCAPS Count On Me forms. email us  Lisa (  or Karel

Tuesday Jan. 22 Overbrook High School 5898 Lancaster Avenue (Lamberton H.S. Beeber, Gompers, Overbrook E.S., Cassidy)


 Tuesday, January 22  @ 5:30pm -8:00pm PCAPS Phone Bank CANCELED

Wednesday Jan. 23 University City  High School  3601 Filbert street (University City H.S., Robeson H.S., A. Wilson, Leidy, McMichael)

Thursday Jan. 24 Martin Luther King High School 6110 Stenton Avenue (Roosevelt M.S., Leeds M.S., Emlen, Logan, Kelly, Wister, Pennell, Coke, McCloskey)

Lisa Haver & Karel Kilimnik

jolly co-chairs for volunteer coordination

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