Another rough night for Hite!/news/local/Tempers-Flare-at-Philly-Schools-Meeting/183885221

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One Response to Another rough night for Hite

  1. Karel Kilimnik says:

    As we continue to fight for public education we need to remind ourselves of our past successes.

    In 2001 Edison Schools wanted to run the entire district and we fought that! They wound up with up with some schools as the SRC turned to EMOs (both for-profit and non-profit) to run some district schools. They are now gone…along with millions of dollars but they no longer manage any schools in the Philadelphia School District.

    Last spring two schools , E.M. Stanton and Sheppard, actively, persistently, and passionately fought back efforts by the SRC to shutter their vibrant school communities.

    Last spring the BCG report recommended Achievement Networks that would have taken 20-30 schools and turned their management over to outside operators. This was scheduled to occur in September 2012. We fought back and have not heard about this idea again.

    We can win again with the same organization and solidarity among parents, students, school workers, and community members as we fight to stop school closures and get more funding for public schools.

    When we fight, we win!

    Karel Kilimnik

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