Stand up to the School District today at 4pm!

You may have heard by now that the district is getting closer to announcing a list of schools they want to close in Philadelphia.  Despite the thousands of people who have protested against this idea and spoken out at School Reform Commission meetings, the district seems to be embracing a plan recommended by the Boston Consulting Group instead of talking to the students, parents, school staff and community about what our schools need.

Like we said last week, PCAPS is planning to be at 440 North Broad Street tomorrow at 4:00pm.  We have been planning to unveil the plan for our public schools that all of you have been a part of creating over the last few months.  If in fact the district goes forward tomorrow with closing our schools, disrupting our neighborhoods and ignoring our voices, we will need all of you there more than ever.

So no matter what, we are counting on you to be there tomorrow.  Bring everyone you know who cares about our city’s students, our communities, our educators and public schools.

Steps of the School District Building
440 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 

See you tomorrow,
The Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools

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